We are pleased to confirm that the Gannochy Trust have once again renewed their support for us.

The Trust have given us valuable funding which will help make possible our series of residential courses planned for 2022 as we try and return from the impact of the pandemic. We would like to say a big thank you to them, not only for this recent announcement, but also the way they have stood by us over the past two years despite all the complications and issues surrounding COVID.


Funded by the Essentia Foundation, through Foundation Scotland

Our programme for the year has been given a significant boost thanks to a grant award from the above. As we attempt to work our way out of COVID and be involved with even more young people this has been a real confidence booster and provides another piece in our funding jigsaw for 2022.


Passing of a Patron...and friend!

It is with sadness that we received the news of the passing of one of our very esteemed Patrons, Archbishop Desmond Tutu who has been a friend of Camp&Trek since our inception over 20 years ago.

Although he was never in a position to play an active role in our organisation because of his many other commitments we do know that he retained an on-going interest in our charity. The very fact that he leant his name and reputation to us meant so much and has often been commented on over the years.

We are thankful for his involvement with us!


Supporting Young Lives

That's what we do and just to make sure everyone knows it we have added that message to our official logo!

Although it's only a minor change we believe the additional strapline to the familiar Camp&Trek banner that adorns our website - see top left hand above - as well as the various publications and letterheads that we send out, further underlines our commitment to the young people we are so proud to work with it.

Trustee Chair, Anton Randle, said: "Supporting Young Lives is a simple message but one that we are very proud of.

"Over the years Camp&Trek has been involved with hundreds of young people and we have seen how that involvement and support can make a real difference in these young lives. Now as we slowly work our way out of the chaos caused by COVID this commitment to these young people is needed more that ever before.

"We want to thank all those who support us in what we do and very much hope that will continue as will the support that we give to these youngsters!"


Thank you Skye

Shoppers on Skye brought a big funding boost for Camp and Trek.

For through the Co-op Local Community Fund, where one percent of what local shoppers spend on Co-op branded goods goes towards local good causes, we received a fantastic donation which helped us significantly with our annual programme.

We were one of just three charitable causes selected locally and we feel particularly proud to have received this recognition in the place that we call home. The island has provided such a wonderful backdrop for our courses over the years and has been enjoyed by hundreds of young people in that time. Thank you Skye!


Taking the First Steps

Our First Step Initiative, run in partnership with the Highland based Connecting Young Carers (CYC), proved to be a highly successful programme which brought two organisations together to share their expertise and experience.

Supported via Creative Breaks, part of the Short Breaks Fund which is funded by the Scottish Government, we linked up with CYC which delivers part of the Carers’ Centre Services of Highland Community Care Forum across the Highlands. Working in both urban and rural areas, many of which suffer from high levels of depravation and need, they have built a strong reputation, both locally and nationally, for being the obvious place to go to find out about issues affecting users of health and community care services and carers.

First Steps was aimed at supporting Children Affected by Parental Substance Misuse, youngsters who provide care, assistance or support to parents or family members with issues of substance abuse, particularly drugs and alcohol. Referred to as “Hidden Carers”, they are not just hard to reach but also difficult to identify because often, where substance abuse is concerned, families can go to extraordinary lengths to disguise or hide the fact.  This can leave younger members of the family alone and unsupported to deal with problems way above their years and experience. As they can be left feeling trapped and isolated, their self confidence in raising their problems with others eroded and eventually being totally subsumed by the situation.

We believe this initiative was fundamental in helping these young carers take the first step to controlling their own lives and how they progress rather than as one young person in such a family situation said: “I’m just never going to get out of this!”





Giving greater ownership to Young People is what our Care2Share scheme is all about.

Over the past two decades Camp&Trek has established an annual programme which has benefited hundreds of Young Carers through our annual programme of residential stays offering participants a chance to meet new friends in new places and simply have fun.

The introduction of our Care2Share initiative, enables the Young Carers, more than ever before, to share their views with us. This helps Camp&Trek in developing and expanding our programme through working to the criteria that the young people themselves suggest. 

With funding support from the Big Lottery’s Young Start, Care2Share is empowering the young people we work with to have greater involvement in and ownership of our annual programme.

Through Care2Share it is the aim for our young people to play a significant role in how our programme develops and changes.  We believe that by actively involving them and with the right support, they can offer a unique insight into what we do and the way we should be doing it in the future.

Young people who have caring responsibilities are often recognised as being at higher risk of developing lower than average self esteem and confidence levels.  Without burdening them unduly with further responsibilities we believe this new scheme will boost those levels by showing these young people that not only are their views being sought, appreciated and welcomed but are also acted upon and bring real benefits to others who will follow in their footsteps.

John Muir Trust

We like to think that time spent with Camp&Trek isn’t just about the now, but also the future.

That is what led us to initially establish links with the John Muir Trust and now, often through arts activities linked to the environment, we adhere to the basic aims and principles of the organisation.

The John Muir Trust is a leading UK charity dedicated to the protection of wild land for both nature and people. Scottish-born John Muir inspired its name and ethos, as the first person to call for action to be taken to protect wild land, and was an instrumental figure in the modern conservation movement.

The Trust was founded in 1983 to safeguard the future of wild lands against development and to promote awareness and recognition of the value of such places.

In the past the young people on our courses have been involved in activities ranging from tree planting to beach clean ups while with us. And, even if they are not involved in such direct action projects we encourage them to not only consider the environment, but how they and others use it.

At the heart of the John Muir principles there are four key experiences.  They are:

Discover a wild place – from mountain top to city park, from river source to sea shore.

Explore its wildness – travel, camp, study and record. Experience and appreciate your wild place.

Conserve - take personal responsibility for the conservation and care of wild places

Share your experiences – tell people your own stories, thoughts and feelings.

As John Muir himself said:  “Do something for wildness and make the mountains glad.”

For more information about the John Muir Trust you can visit their website at


did you know?

That we take young people aged between 12 and 19 years old and for many of them their time with Camp&Trek is not just their first adventure holiday, but their very first holiday at all.

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