Moving on..just in a different way!

Coming out of lockdown in 2021 gave us new optimism that our proposed programme for the year, involving some 90 young people, would go ahead. Sadly, at least this summer, that will now not be the case.

With the easing of restrictions moving just too slowly to guarantee that we could run our regular residential courses in something approaching the same manner as in the past we have again reluctantly had to cancel our July and August slots. Although 90 places had been booked there was just too much uncertainty around a range of issues from accommodation and the numbers allowed to finding acceptable transport solutions to our chosen venues. Once there the young people involved would have faced necessary regimes which we believe would have significantly detracted from the overall experience, something we felt was just not right.

However, all is not lost. We are already in discussions about achieving some kind of residential programme over the October school holidays should the overall situation continue to improve and several of our young carers groups have expressed a real interest in being part of it, rules, regulations and the safety of the young people allowing. But before then we want to take the opportunity to do whatever is achievable to get our young people out doing new activities and having new adventures albeit it closer to home than we originally envisaged!

Working with the groups who have missed out on residential opportunities we are setting out to establish what activities are available in their own areas and then working with them to ensure that their youngsters can access and enjoy these.

Ideas so far have ranged from using public transport, such as the local train service, to travel in a socially distanced safe way to take part in mountain biking or even hiking. Other groups believe that a canoe course, rock climbing or even a day trip out to a local outdoor fringe festival may be possible. Meanwhile, once it becomes easier to meet transport advice and restrictions, there are plans to take day trips out to the countryside with kayaking, caving and ghyll scrambling amongst the ideas raised. One particularly ambitious group have set their sights on staging a “YC Tour” with leaders taking a range of activities out into the community so overcoming the need to transport groups of young people to a set venue.

We are determined to support as many of these ideas as possible and have now opened up dialogue with group leaders to try and ensure that, unlike 2020, the young people we are so closer involved with, do get the chance for some normality in their lives, even if it is a new norm! Most of all though we want them once more to be able to enjoy themselves in each others company while still maintaining safety for themselves and others.

Of course, assuming lockdown restrictions continue to move on then we will continue to review what we can achieve in 2021. Returning to the suspended existence of the past year is, we sincerely believe, not an option!

In the lead up to 2020 we had put together an exciting programme for the year which would have seen us offer the largest number of residential places since the 2008 economic crisis. Altogether nearly 130 young people were set to join us ...and then COVID 19 struck!.

In recent years we have worked with young carers groups although we have also been involved with community based youth action groups who concentrate on disadvantaged young people seen as being at risk of offending or having come to the attention of the justice system.

Our courses are highly subsidised and we are always ready to discuss costs and the needs of different groups. Under its charitable status, Camp&Trek has a wide remit in regard to young people and is always willing to chat about the possibility of working with groups from different backgrounds.

It may be possible to tailor courses to meet the needs of certain young people so give us a ring or drop us an email to find out more. This can be done in the first instance by either by emailing or telephone 07765 899650.

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